Top 10 Best Video Game Facts. Which You Should Know If You Are A Gamer #2

We have all played video games. Video games combine our very coreplay with gameplay that revels us, stories that thrill us and amaze us and the characters who are always in our memory . There are many little hidden stories and facts behind all the games that we have enjoyed and nurtured,so knows the facts of some videogames.

Here are 10 Gaming Facts .

1. The whole world spends 5 million hours playing Angry Birds everyday.

2. Mortal Combat is a widely popular fighting game which you've probably heard of, it was developed by only four people in only ten months.

3. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) was originally designed to be a racing game called Race 'n' Chase. But there was a glitch in the game - That the police cars go crazy, ramming the player. This glitch was so popular with tester that they rebuilt the game around it and creating GTA.

4. The maximum score anyone can achieve in  Pac-Man is 3333360.

5. Donkey Kong was Mario's pet who was abused by Mario. Therefore he later kidnapped Mario's girlfriend as revenge for the mistreatment.

6. Rockstars hired real gangsters to voice the members of gangs in GTA5 to make the game more authentic.

7.  Within 6 months of release, Pokemon Go had over 650 millions downloads worldwide. This is twice the population of the United States.

8. Atari, the popular Japanese arcade gaming company, actually means 'Success' in Japanese.

9. The clouds in Mario is are actually bushes.
Developers simply coloured the bushes white to reduce the game storage size.

10. The Vass from the FarCry 3 is most loving villain of all time because of his psychotic role.

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