11 Best Places to Visit in India| You Must See Before You Die.

India has unlimited tourist destinations for travelers to choose from. You can enjoy grand mountains, scenic beauty, crystal waterfalls, quaint beaches, bustling cities, and serene historically and culturally soaked monuments. Travelers can plan a variety of travel trips with their friends, family, or solo vacations in India. We have listed the top 11 tourist destinations in India which every traveler must visit before they die..

Here are Lists of the Visit Places in India. So Let's Start.

1. Sea of Stars (Bangaram Beach), Lakshadweep

There are times when nature exhibits such spectacular beauty that its takes our breaths away. Beaches are things of incredible beauty on their own and when the water glows it is utterly magical. 
Bangaram Beach is one of them the beauty of this beach in the Lakshadweep will have you stunned, and you will rub your eyes in amazement. As if the islands weren’t already paradise on earth, this island reveals another mystical surprise in the night. Glowing blue waves, lapping the sandy shore, straight out of fantasy land.

Bangaram also offers water sports activities like boarding, sailing, rowing, deep-sea fishing, snorkelling, kayaking and wind-surfing. However, if you don’t want to do any of these, that’s totally fine. Just sit back and relax on a hammock and watch the golden, pink, and crimson hues of the skyline dance to the tune of the breaking waves.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to enjoy the beauty and beaches of Bangaram is Monsoon and Winter season. 

2. Cycling in Amidst Garden, Munnar

Munnar is a lovely hill station located in Kerala’s Western Ghats region. Known for its tea plantations, Munnar, filled with forests and lakes, offers much verdant scenery for visitors to enjoy.

The tea plantation in Munnar are like a slice of heaven plucked from the skies above and Cycling is undoubedtly one of the best things to do in Munnar. Besides being a form of exercise, you can also wander about the beautiful tea estates without any fear of pollution or fuel availability.

Perched at several feet over the sea level and boasting of misty skies above and green carpeted fields below, these splendid Tea gardens in Munnar are a must-visit for every traveller.

Best Time to Visit: September to March is the best time to visit Munnar, summers, which is from March to June, are a little warm. Monsoon season (July and August) experiences heavy rainfall. So it could hamper your travel plans if you plan to visit Kerala during the monsoons.

3. Scuba Diving in Andaman Nicobar

Scuba Diving is one of the most popular water sports activities in the world and Andaman is home to one of the densest ecosystem bof coral reefs and formations.

 The cluster islands are all about silver shores embraced by playful ocean waves. But if you dare to go deeper, there’s another world inside the ocean that will leave you amazed and bedazzled. 
There are several dive spots around the world. But what’s been directing divers to do scuba diving in Andaman today is primarily its intriguing oceanic conditions along with Andaman’s breath-taking biome and the cultural brouhaha that surrounds it. 

If done properly, diving is an extremely safe sport and we take great pride in not just meeting but exceeding international safety standards when it comes to diving safety.

Best Time to Visit: The diving season usually starts in October or November and extends until May.

4. Toy train in Darjeeling

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is fondly called as the “Toy Train”. This toy train ride of Darjeeling is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and this popular ride connects Darjeeling with Siliguri.

 It is one of a kind experience and is one of the famous narrow 2 feet gauge trains. This amazing toy train runs between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling and it also passes through one of the highest stations in the world that is Ghum.

This toy train has been attracting tourists from across the globe for its beauty. You can view the entire landscape, lush green valleys and sprawling tea estates more closely when you board this gem of engineering, the Darjeeling Toy Train. Since the journey is slow and steady, the photographer in you will cherish the innumerable moments of photography while riding the toy train.

Best Time to Visit: The best months to experience the services of toy train of Darjeeling are October, November and December. This is the time when the mist begins to disappear and one can get a better view while enjoying the toy train ride. 

5. Skiing in Gulmarg 

Gulmarg is the most famous skiing destination in India where you can feel the thrill of dashing down the slopes from an incredible height.

 The Gulmarg Gondola, Asia’s highest and the world’s second highest cable car circuit, takes you to an amazing height of almost 4,000 meters from where you can dash downhill for about 5 kilometers. 

That a place could be so beautiful that it simply takes your breath away can only be experienced and not explained...

Best Time to Visit: January to late February is the best time for skiing in Gulmarg.

6. Manali Leh Ladakh Bike Trip 

Travelling to Ladakh by road has become one of the most sought after road trips in the country. Adventure lovers from all over the world visit this ‘Land of High Passes’ during the period between June to September.

This amazing bike tour lets you explore the adventurous side of your personality while enjoying this thrilling road trip to Ladakh from Manali via various exciting destinations and twisty roads.

 If you are an adventure lover and also a passionate biker then take this Manali to Leh Bike tour with us and explore magnificent places such as Rohtang La Pass, Keylong, Jispa, Sarchu, Nubra Valley to Pangong Tso Lake, and much more.

Best Time to Visit: The best time for bike trips to Ladakh is from mid-May to October.

7. Camping in Thar Desert

 The best way to experience the wonder of the desert, with its rolling sand dunes and star-studded night skies, is to stay at one of the region’s many glamping camps. Being the main part of Jaisalmer tourism are the camel safari and the Thar desert camp experiences. 

Camping in Thar desert is a must experience while in Jaisalmer, and many small and big tour companies organise this overnight or day tour every day. 

The Thar Desert is the world’s 18th largest desert and the biggest desert in India. It is spread across 5 states in India in the north to the west, with a majority of the area lying in Rajasthan, where the Thar Desert National Park is located in Jaisalmer. The Oasis camp in Sam sand dunes is the best place to camp in the Thar Desert at a very reasonable price.

Best Time to Visit: The best season to travel in the Thar Desert is the winter period, between October and February. The days are warm and nights chilly during this period.

8. Chadar Trek in Ladakh 

The Frozen River Trek, which is one of the popular winter treks, commonly known as the Chadar Trek. 
It is one of the most arduous treks of Indian Himalaya as the trekkers will pass through craggy rocks and the temperature may dip to below minus 10 degrees, a rare climatic condition which can be difficult to survive.

 The unparalleled experience of the Chadar Trek includes trekking on the frozen Zanskar river, an event that will remain forever etched in your memory. 

Best Time to Visit: January to February This is the time when the upper layer of the Zanskar River freezes and looks like a sheet of ice.

9. Root bridge in Cherapunji

Meghalaya is the wettest state in India. Every year, more than 12 meters of rain pour down upon its lush green mountains and river valleys.But the abundant rainfall isn’t the only natural wonder drawing tourists to this northeastern “sister” state. 

Deep in Meghalaya’s forests grow its most famous attractions: the living root bridge. These double decker living root bridges are 2 bridges that are stacked one on the other, made because of the entanglement of roots.

This area is famous for root bridges made of Indian Rubber Tree, but the Double Decker Bridge is the most famous of all due to its large size. A unique attraction and quite an innovative mix of nature and engineering

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Cherrapunji is from October to February, which is the winter season.

10. Rann of kutch

Gujarat is well known across the world for its culture and traditional festivals. One of the most popular festival is rann utsav
 The Great Rann of Kutch has marshy salt flats which give the land a white, snowy look. As far as your eyes can see, you will find an endless landscape of pure white land. In the monsoons, the land is filled with water. 

This makes it a seasonal salt marsh. The most popular & most sought after event to visit this White Desert of Kutch is during the full moon night when the glory of the White Rann is at its fullest.

Not only does the white Rann hold a prominent visit reason, its even the people and the histories associated within the land of Kutch.

Best Time to Visit: (November - February)
Winter is really the best time to go to Rann of Kutch. 

11. Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh

Spiti Valley is a cold desert located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.It is one of the coldest places in India as the region gets only around 250 days of sunshine in a year. 

The valley of Spiti are a haven for nature lovers, adventurers, photographers and backpackers. Spiti is an adventure lover’s paradise, with a number of trekking trails that tourists can choose from with being home to some of the most breathtaking sceneries of the high Himalayan landscape.

The beautiful valley is lined with small huts and Buddhist monasteries inhabited by people who live simple lives and welcome tourists with open arms.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Spiti is from March to June.

There are Some of the Beautiful Places in India to Visit Once in a life. I hope You Will Enjoy it

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