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Switzerland is a very wealthy country in the heart of Europe with a population of just 8 million people but it's one of the most developed countries in the world with one of the highest standards of living. 

This small, rugged European country, known for its irresistible chocolate, sturdy mountain cheese, and breathtaking beauty, has so many things to offer. 

So, Here are Some Interesting Facts About Afghanistan. Let's See.

1. Switzerland Has 200 Mountains

Switzerland is home to numerous mountains over 3,000 meters high. A beautiful experience for in-shape hikers is the Chamonix-Zermatt Haute Route, a 12-day classic Alpine trek that will bring you straight to the well-recognised Matterhorn. Switzerland has more high peaks than any other country in Europe with 48 that are above 4000 meters.

2. Animals Friendly

Animals in switzerland have rights. This country is an animal loving country with several laws protecting the rights of their furry friends dogs are allowed in restaurants and can eat in them too while owners of some pets have to complete a course on how to take care of them and it's against the law to have just one small pet.

 Switzerland has very strict animal rights laws and they believe that a social pet living in isolation is classed as abuse as a result it's illegal to have just one Hamster, Guinea pig, Fish, Bird or Rabbit even if one of a pair dies it can be necessary to rent a pet to make up for the numbers.

In Switzerland most of the water is 100% drinkable.


3. Highest Rate of Gun Ownership

People in Switzerland owns lots of guns but has low crime rate among industrialized nations this country has won the highest rate of gun ownership however that does not necessarily have to lead to more crime furthermore they actually have one of the lowest crime rates of all industrialized countries it's important to be noted that the reason for this great amount of people owning guns mandatory military service after they finish their service all of them are supposed to take their assault rifles or pistols at home however without ammunition.

4. Wine Lovers 

They drink a lot of wine the swiss population consumes 36 liters of wine 56.5 liters of beer and 8.4 liters of pure alcohol per person per year according to a swiss government study the cost to society of excessive drinking is the age limit where children from 16 can consume beer wine and even spirit however

 The country loves the stuff producing about 1 million hectaliters of wine per year and drinking most of it they are fourth in the world for annual wine consumption guzzling 36 liters of wine per person in 2018 since they only export around two percent of their wine you'll just have to visit switzerland to get a taste of their homegrown wine.

5. Compulsory Military Service

Swiss men complete compulsory military service and they have the highest life expectancy in the world Switzerland is one of the few European countries where military service is still compulsory for male citizens when men turn 18 they take a fitness test and those who pass are conscripted into the Armed Forces if they don't pass and do not suffer from a condition or disability they have to pay three percent extra income tax until they're 30 a recent referendum was held to determine whether or not to keep the system going and 73 percent voted in favor of it.

6. Defence Strategy

There are 3,000 locations across the country that could be blown up at the touch of a button to protect the country in case of an attack Switzerland's defense strategy includes the automatic demolition of every bridge railway and main road in the country to protect the population Switzerland is completely landlocked so it shares borders with various nations making invasion even more likely every access point can be destroyed almost instantly keeping the Swiss population in and invaders out.

Sweet Story
A person walks into a Swiss bank with
a giant heavy sack in each of his hands
he goes to the teller brings his face
close to the glass and whispers I have
two million dollars with me I urgently
need to open a secret Swiss bank account
and the Swiss teller applies a normal
volume sir does no need to whisper
poverty is nothing to be ashamed of in.


7. Goverment Friendly Names 

The Swiss government can stop you from giving your child an unusual name there are some rules about naming your child in most countries in most countries numbers instead of letters are not usually allowed for obvious reasons but in Switzerland they take it especially seriously taking action if they believe a name could be harmful, famous or insulting are out. 

Swiss singer Christine Lautenberg intended to name her child lexicon but was stopped because the government thought it may cause her daughter distress later in life.

8. Love for Chocolates

Swiss eat more chocolate than any other nation there are only 8 million people living there which isn't many compared to other European nations but they sure get through a lot of chocolate the average Swiss person eats 19 pounds of chocolate every year which is the equivalent of 172 bars a year the USA doesn't even come close consuming half of this number.

9. Sunday Means Sunday 

Sundays are really are the day of rest in switzerland and there are laws to keep it that way if it's a sunday in switzerland you can't mow your lawn wash your car, recycle anything loud or half your washing out it's all to preserve the peace and quiet of a perfect swiss sunday.

10. Diamonds Ring

The world's first all diamonds ring was  made by a Swiss jeweler, Shawish created the world's first entirely diamonds ring made from 150 carats of diamonds and little else just for a bit of perspective Elizabeth Taylor's most famous diamond ring was a mere 33 carats the Swiss ring went on sale at auction and won valued at an incredible $70 million dollars.

11. Not For Coffee Lovers

Switzerland is the most expensive country in the world to buy a cup of coffee many of Switzerland's major cities rank very highly on the coffee price index costing an average of $3.65 cents for a cup Bassel Bern and Geneva all ranked at the top further reinforcing the fact that Switzerland is a very expensive place to live in.

Switzerland Shared Its Land Border With
Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein.


12. Switzerland Military

Switzerland the Vatican's Swiss Guards really are Swiss just as the name suggests they're hired through the Catholic Canton's in Switzerland and are the oldest standing military unit in the world wearing the same uniform they've been wearing since the 16th century.

Switzerland is, indeed, a country of wonders. 

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