12 Interesting Cartoons Facts That Took Us Aback

Cartoons were a huge part of most of our
childhoods and we all have our favorites
but we bet you never noticed these weird
things in some of your favorite cartoons.

So, today we tell you some fun facts about our favourite characters.

1. Some Cartoons Are Banned 🚫

All the cartoons who's name I took right now were banned in some or the other country.

'Shinchan' was banned in India,
'Doraemon' was banned in China,
'Tom and Jerry' & 'SpongeBob' was banned in the USA.

2. Elsa Ice Palace

In Frozen, 50 people worked for the scene where Elsa builds her ice palace. Just 1 frame of the scene took 30 hours to make but in the film, It only takes about 36 seconds for Elsa to create the Entire palace.

3. Goofy and Pluto Actually Connected

Goofy and Pluto are both actually dogs if you think about it goofy is Mickey's best friend and Pluto is Mickey's pet but goofy is allowed to wear clothes walks like a human speaks English and basically doesn't act like a dog at all. Pluto on the other hand is a typical Disney dog who barks and does everything a dog would do did you ever notice that these two completely different dog species actually exist in the same Disney Universe.

Tom & Jerry was nominated 13 times for Oscar and won 7 Oscars

4. Dora The Explorer

Dora the Explorer series creators consulted Pre-Schoolers to make sure each episodes is right. Before an episode aired, along with professionals experts, 75 pre-schoolers screen the show & tell what they liked and disliked.

5. Cartoons Have Five Fingers In Japan

Bob the builder has 4 fingers to the character's hand. But in Japan, the character was edited to 5 fingers. The reason was that having only 4 fingers implies membership of the Japanese Mafia (Yakuza).

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6. The Jetsons

The Jetsons is a cartoon series of a jetson family living in sky along with a dog named Astro. The Scooby-doo spy dog and Astro’s character has been voiced by same artist, Don Messick.

7. Beauty And The Beast

In Beauty and Beast, The beast has the features of many animals. The Beast character has the legs and tail of a wolf, body of a bear, head structure and horn of a buffalo, eyebrows of a gori, tusk of a wild boar and the jaws and mane of Lion.

8. Disney's White Gloves

Disney characters have you ever wondered what they have in common they're all wearing gloves. White gloves are becoming the next best thing have you noticed just how many characters wear gloves you can find them on Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, Tom from Tom and Jerry and more gloves were created because it made an animators life easier especially when all characters had to be hand-drawn.

Popeye is the 1st cartoon character to get his very own statue. It is in Texas U.S

9. SpongeBob SquarePants

On the popular Nickelodeon show Spongebob Squarepants, Gary is Spongebob’s pet snail, and Patrick is his best friend. Most people don’t know, however, that Gary and Patrick are cousins.

10. Mojo Jojo

Mojo Jojo from The Power Puff Girls was voiced by the character Ghostface from Scream.

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11. Longest Running Series

Ed, Edd n Eddy is Cartoon Network's longest running series, having ran for 11 years.

12. Pokemon

When Pokémon director Masamitsu Hidaka was told the series would go worldwide, he worried viewers would perceive Brock as a racial stereotype. He was therefore written partially out of the first season. When the character received a positive reception, he was written back into the show as a main character.

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