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Your body is the most complex biological mechanism on earth, and it consists of several incredible processes, as well as some surprises that you may not know about.

We've gathered up some amazing facts about the human body and some of its crazier processes that might blow your mind. 

1. Brain Can Generate Electricity 💡

Your brain can generate enough electricity to power a small light bulb when you are awake your brain is known to generate electricity in the amount of about 15 to 25 watts. This power is quite enough to keep a low voltage LED lamp shining simultaneously with electricity production this organ generates random thoughts up to 50,000 a day. one more shocking myth is that people use just 10% of brain capacity is in fact very wrong pray the scans conducted show that people use most of their brain even when they are asleep.

2. How Strong is Stomach Acid?

Depending on its acidity if your stomach acid made contact with your skin it could eat a hole in it hydrochloric acid is a typical inhabitant of a human stomach this type of acid is industrial grade and can in fact destroy metals and the human body though it protects the immune system and kills off lots of viruses and bacteria contained in the food also the acid helps a special enzyme to grind products consisting of proteins so that your body can digest such food easier.

3. Human Hair 

Apart from its in flammability the human hair is virtually indestructible hair is a fabulous part of a human body first of all it is the place where all the information about a person is stored even the content of your bloodstream such as vitamins, drugs or alcohol can be found out from a strand of hair analysis one strand can support about 3.5 ounces of weight.

When you're asleep you don't feel any odors your sense of smell basically deactivates at night even if there's some terrible stench in your bedroom you won't notice it.


4. Human Can Make 7000 Facial Expressions

Humans can create up to more than 7000
different facial expressions well actually according to scientists there are six main or basic facial expressions: Angry, Afraid, Disgust ,Surprised, Happy and Sad based on these all the rest of 7,000 expressions are performed it is interesting that facial expressions which are genuine are more likely to be symmetrical.

5. Body Eating Itself

The same enzymes that are responsible for digesting the food. It will begin to digest the human body itself after death to be precise they make human organs start to digest the body and the enzymes themselves they team up with microbes and the process of decomposition begins. 

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6. Heart-Beat

Your heartbeat synchronizes with the rhythm of the music you are listening to recent research shows that music especially the one that contains a continuous increase in volume with tempo makes your heartbeat synchronize with it it is relevant for both musicians and amateurs or simply music lovers.

7. Why Babies Have More Bones

Babies have more bones in their bodies than adults babies are born with as many as 270 bones later on some of the bones start fusing together for instance the bones of the spine another good example is a baby skull that has several overlapping bones it makes it easier for a baby to squeeze out during the birth.

8. Human Eye Resolution

The resolution of the human eye is estimated to be around 576 megapixels it makes them 72 times more precise than the rear camera of an iPhone 7 what is more your eyes can see the difference between 10 million colours.

All muscles in your body are connected to bones at two ends that's how they pull and create motion but there's one exception. it's your tongue on one side it's connected to a part of your neck but there's nothing connecting the other side.

9. Largest Organ in the Body

An adult skin weights around 17.6 or more on average making up 12-16% of the total body weight you would probably never say so but it is the largest organ of the human body perhaps the skin weight makes lifting up another human being so difficult another interesting fact about your skin is that every square inch of it is covered with more than 600 sweat glands it might be the reason people's sweat a lot.

10. Fingernails grow way faster than toenails

Toenails grow almost four times slower because they accrue less damage than fingernails even though we often stub our toes a sudden circulation burst doesn't usually last long a human produces from half a quart.

11. Both Lungs are Same

Your left and right lungs aren’t exactly the same. The lung on the left side of your body is divided into two lobes while the lung on your right side is divided into three. The left lung is also slightly smaller, allowing room for your heart.

12. Itching

Sometimes the pain from scratching makes your body release the pain-fighting chemical serotonin. It can make the itch feel even itchier.

These are some of the Interesting facts about Human Body. I hope you will enjoy it. If you like it comment down below.

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