15 Interesting Facts About Stephen Hawking Who Changed Our Perception About Space & Time

Stephen Hawking was the modern world's Albert Einstein story across the cosmos with the power of his mind he unlocked many of the mysteries of the universe helping to advance human civilization and despite his debilitating disease he was also a prolific writer speaker and pop-culture personality he made it his goal to make science more accessible to every man.

We know more about black holes life beyond the stars and the theory of everything. In our galaxy alone for this list we'll be focusing on one of the greatest minds in science by looking at a few fascinating facts about Stephen Hawking.... So Let's Start....

1. He Was a Mediocre Student

He was an average student in school Stephen Hawking received average grades and schools and surprisingly when he was a nine years old his grades were the worst in his entire class later he was nicknamed as Einstein despite bad grade teachers knew that Stephen mind was brilliant later he excelled and got a scholarship to Oxford.

2. Schoolmates Call Him Einstein

Hawking readily admitted that he was an lazy student from grade school all the way to his time at Oxford and didn't really learn how to read until he was 8 my handwriting was bad but I got lazy even so his schoolmates nicknamed him Einstein clearly seeing his potential for greatness fortunately one math teacher inspired him sparking his interest in both math and science.

3. He Continued His Studies While Suffering From ALS

ALS nearly derailed the life of one of the greatest minds of our time after receiving his als diagnosis back in 1963 Stephen Hawking experienced an emotional crisis and sank into a deep depression doctors had warned that his health would decline rapidly and he should expect to live no longer than a few more years Hawking questioned the point of continuing with his studies most people who are diagnosed with ALS also known as Lou Gehrig's disease have a short life expectancy. 
Hawking's mentor persuaded him to carry on with his academic studies and luckily Hawking took that advice. 

He was born on the day where Galileo Galilei died Stephen Hawking was born on January 8th 1942 and that day happens to be the 300th anniversary of Galileo's death and died on Albert Einstein's birthday. It's a Coincidence.

4. Which Book Made Stephen Hawking Famous

Stephen Hawking came to the public's attention with the publication of his book until 1988 A Brief History of Time few people outside of the world of academia had any sort of idea who Stephen Hawking was he had made significant advances in his field of study and published a number papers too much critical acclaim however his academic work was not bringing in the income he needed to ensure his children go to top-notch education. Hawking signed a publishing deal with Bantam Books and wrote what is possibly his best-known work a brief history of time the book brought Hawking's theories to the people explaining them less scientifically and more practically.

5. Best-Selling Author

Hawking's earnings surpassed his expectations Stephen Hawking became a best-selling author and this earned him a lot of money and media attention Hawking was now not only the darling of the academic world he also reached out and touched the imaginations of the public a multitude of speaking engagements and appearances followed his celebrity status took up much of his time leaving little left for research and academic work his book was made into a film in 1991 these factors are what led Stephen Hawking to amassing a respectable net worth of 20 million dollars by the time of his passing.

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6. Cameos in Every Field

Scientists today are developing public personas of their own none has managed to make an impact quite like Stephen Hawking for years he's been making public appearances and guest starring on popular TV shows like The Simpsons, Futurama, The Big Bang Theory and Star Trek today that Apple fell on my head was the most momentous day in the history of science. He's's become something of a household name for people of all ages references to the scientist can also be found in a number of songs comics video games movies and more proving he really has permeated nearly every facet of pop culture.

7. Stephen Hawking Speech Synthesizer

His speech synthesiser is state of the art who is talking to me right now is it you or is the sentient computer pretending to talk on your behalf although it's not his own Stephen Hawking synthesized voice is instantly recognisable to anyone who hears it it's a little hard to read your tone of voice when you say that are you being sarcastic that's because despite his medical issues his amazing speech generating device allows him to communicate the first model worked entirely via a clicker clutched in his hand which led him select words and commands on a device attached to his wheelchair. In later Intel added more updates thanks to much trial and error ultimately making it possible for him to more quickly open documents construct sentences and prepare full lectures.

8. He Was a Star Rower

He was a star rower while at Oxford a young Stephen Hawking was finding himself bored with classes and in need of social interaction in an effort to try something new he joined the school's Boat Club before his illness he was one of the most important members of the crew the Coxon which with his strong voice and slight build was an ideal role for him. Hawking actually proved to be a bit reckless steering his crew through narrow spaces and often damaging the boats as a result one of his crewmates even labeled him the adventurous type his dedication made him very popular with his crew and soon his social life was booming with parties and friendly practical joking.

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9. He's Never Won a Nobel Prize

He's never won a Nobel Prize Stephen Hawking's name is synonymous with genius his theories have helped advance our understanding of the universe and yet his trophy case is missing one of the highest honors in science. Yes as shocking as it may sound Hawking has yet to be awarded  with Nobel Prize but don't worry he has earned some other great distinctions becoming a fellow of the Royal Society in 1974 and receiving 12 honorary degrees over the years.

10. He Believes in Aliens

Stephen Hawking knows as much as anyone with that in mind Hawking thinks it's very likely that intelligent alien life exists somewhere however while the cosmologists believes in that possibility he also thinks humans should be careful about trying to contact them why because he posits that such life forms would likely try to destroy us or at least ravage earth for resources.

Warning about artificial intelligence he said the efforts to create Thinking Machines pose a threat to our very existence and the development of artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.


11. Dream Come True

Stephen Hawking was determined to travel to space hawking dreamed of traveling to space one day he was offered a free ticket to space on Virgin Galactic's craft by Virgin boss Richard Branson his reasons for accepting were two fold he wanted to bring about some awareness about space travel to safeguard the future of the human race while at the same time as an advocate for people with disabilities he wanted to prove that nothing should prevent a person from achieving their dreams. In 2007 Hawking experienced the sensation of weightlessness near the shores of Florida he is said to have really enjoyed the experience leaving his wheelchair behind and fitting in a few flips. 

12. He's an Inspiration

Stephen Hawking showed us all that boundaries exist only in our imaginations Stephen Hawking did not believe in boundaries in his personal life he did not allow his condition to limit him or prevent him from accomplishing his goals in his professional life Hawking was a key player in the boundless universe theory this is a theory that shows that the universe has no boundaries he used the principles of general relativity and quantum mechanics to prove his theory in conjunction with his colleague James Hart whole not only did Hawking apply his brilliant mind to his chosen field of study he brought his startling theories to the World.

Stephen William Hawking have changed the way we see the world today.

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