Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

The growing demand in the IT industry can make it confusing to pick one programming language that is suitable and helpful for an individual. this list can help your plan and career.

Whether you want to develop a mobile application, get certification for programming knowledge, or learn new skills, you need to learn the right programming language. Below you’ll learn about 10 best programming languages that will be in demand among employers in 2022. You’ll find about each language, its complexity, and how it is used.... ! So Let's Start.....

1. C#

C# is an object oriented and easy to learn programming language it is fast and supports a large number of libraries for rich functionality and this makes it the next best choice after C++. C# programming language is popularly known for developing windows and its applications and now it is also being used for developing windows and even VR games. The companies using C# as their programming language are microsoft, amazon, cyber infrastructures incorporated among many others.

2. R

The R programming language was conceived by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka in 1992. R is a comprehensive and statistical analysis language and it encourages developers to implement new ideas R works best on Linux, GNU and Microsoft windows the application of R in the field of data science, statistical computing and machine learning although R is difficult to learn it is considered as the future programming language.

3. C++

 C++ is one of the most efficient and flexible programming languages even though it is relatively old language when compared to others but it has maintained its demand because of the high performance and reliability C++ was built to support object-oriented programming and has rich libraries C+ is used in the tech industry for various purposes like desktop application, web development, mobile solutions and  game development and even in embedded systems. C++has great and  fantastic libraries and by libraries i don't want to say just the stl go beyond that explore something like crow where you can actually build an entire web application explore the full potential of this language.

4. Rust

Rust is a low level programming language with direct access to hardware and memory you're going to find a lot of similarities of the syntax with the C+ in fact if you have coded C+ in the past you're going to find a lot of comfortness with this language now of course this language also brings us some of the fresh new concept like trades, borrow, checker and is also revolving a lot about the concurrency now very similar to the Golang rust also gives you the ability to trace the data races mutex a lot of memory and concurrency as well being a low-level programming language you're gonna hear a lot of buzzwords about the rust in the community.

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5. Golang 

This language is growing all hot in for this year it's already in production with so many of the applications and so many of the product-based companies are evolving in this language go or golang is considered as the modern version of the C programming language. The programming language focused a lot on the concurrency and is built to fully utilize the cloud infrastructure and hence you see this so many other companies are using it there is no shortage of the packages and resources available for the golang you can build an entire web application and tons of other application in the golang this is a very interesting programming language. 

6. Swift

Swift is a open source programming language developed by apple it is heavily influenced by python and therefore is fast and very easy to learn swift is majorly used for the development of native ios and mac os applications apple encourages the use of swift for the whole development process and so more than half of the applications in the app store are built using the swift programming language.

7. PHP

PHP programming language was initially created for the purpose of maintaining a personal website but since then it has taken  websites globally. php language is generally used to create static and dynamic websites and some popular web frameworks like laravel are built upon php. php introduces dynamic changes to a website and makes web applications more interactive.

8. Java / Kotlin

One fact there should not be any doubt about the dominance of this language if you are having a doubt on that absolutely you are into some kind of alternative version of the world java is dominant and is going to stay dominant but a lot of new application and new products and new companies that are coming up they are not too much friendly with the java they usually prefer the new of the stack but what are the stacks and the companies which have already written mammoth of the code and mammoth of the application especially in the financial sectors.

 These are already being dominated by java and they have enough of the massive scope to hire millions and millions of engineers to maintain that code and thus java is going to be dominating this year too now of course alongside with java kotlin is also rising and i sometimes feel that kotlin is like those veins on the tree which are growing because of the java but they're probably not going to be standing alone on their own feet because of the shadow of java but still hey great language. 

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9. Javascript

JavaScript is a go-to language for front-end so that is code that will run in the browser it's also the base of front-end frameworks like react Angular, VUE, and Svelte not only that but javascript's used on the backend with the node and deno runtimes it also rivals python for having the best library ecosystem with the npm package manager which you can download code or libraries to do pretty much anything you want additionally javascript is the foundation forbeing a solid either wordpress or shopify developer which you can learn with a bit of additional knowledge and practice and this opens up a huge new door for you so let's actually dive into this language.

10. Phython

Python is the best language to learn first because it has a pretty straightforward syntax that's very close to pseudocode in other words it hardly even looks like code. python is also extremely widely used for scripting, data science and back end web development it's also popular for the trendy machine learning and artificial intelligence but the super important part of python is understanding the library ecosystem because there's a library for almost anything you want to do and it's part of the reason it's so popular.

Whether you are an established coder or just starting to look into the industry, learning a new language is one of the best ways to advance your programming career

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